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8 thoughts on “ My philosophy on teaching and learning in the 21st Century: v2 ” Rob December 7, 2015 at 22:45. Maura, Really great, really in-depth explanation of your position. I loved your use of PowToon for the video. I started a couple times to use it, and just couldn’t bring myself to have the patience to create my own animations.


It's still too early to tell. If you notice, historically, philosophers tend to only gain some recognition later in life and post-mortem. I can speculate and make a few predictions. Looking broadly at the state of philosophy, there are two classes...


Special Issue on ‘Ideas of Plato in the Philosophy of the 21st Century’: An Introduction By Mark Burgin Plato is one of the top philosophers of all times and all nations. Ideas of Plato and his teachings have influenced the development of the Western philosophy during all its history. In addition, Plato has had an essential impact on many


In the 21st century, the European championships have swelled in volleyball, handball and basketball. Tournaments organized everywhere and nowhere have become a regular occurrence.


6 Top Design Considerations for a 21st Century Classroom. 1. Collaborative spaces. Schools are moving away from the “I teach, you listen” instruction model and becoming much more Socratic. As a result, spaces that allow for a wide range of activities, such as working through problems in large groups, discussing books in small groups, or ...


Relevance of Gandhian Philosophy in the 21st century? Cape Town University: 23 August 2007 . Vice Chancellor Professor Ndebele, Distinguished faculty members, My young friends, Ladies and Gentlemen, I I feel privileged to inaugurate the Gandhi Lecture Series being organized by the Government of India in major universities of the world.


It may be a little early but here are some contenders: 1. David Chalmers: Famous for developing a unique philosophy of mind, Chalmers has revived Descartes’ Dualism, dubbing it ‘naturalistic dualism’, his philosophy argues to the effect that the p...


The historical scope of the project--ranging from Plato down to a variety of 21st-century philosophers--increases the likelihood that the book will remain relevant for the foreseeable future. Moreover, the useful foundation in meta-ethical theory that the textbook provides ensures that, even as the field changes and new views reshape our ...


Evidence in the 21st Century Dewey was known as the father of progressive education and was an advocate of social learning (Slaughter, 2009). More than fifty years after his death, some of his ideas and philosophies, although looking very different, are being used to promote student engagement in classrooms through the use of technology.


Society 101 Yuval Harari is well known for his books Sapiens and Homo Deus. He has decided to squander his reputation on a book called 21 Lessons for the 21st Century. The basic problem is that every chapter is the subject of whole shelves of books, and putting them all in one book cannot possibly do them justice.