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Comfort height toilets, which stand between 17 to 19 inches in height, are available from popular online and brick-and-mortar retailers such as Amazon and Home Depot. Comfort height and elongated toilets are available in brands, such as Kohler, American Standard, Delta ...


Cleaning a toilet requires toilet bowl cleaner and a special toilet scrubbing brush. You may want to wear rubber gloves to protect your hands from dirt and chemicals during cleaning.


The most common method of removing a toilet bowl ring or stain is to use bleach. A common and powerful household cleaner, bleach is effective in removing stains from the toilet bowl. Simply pour a cup of bleach powder into your toilet bowl, and let it sit there for a fe...


The water level in a toilet bowl is adjusted using the fill valve. The fill valve determines the water level by controlling the position of the float. Raising the float arm increases the amount of water in the bowl while lowering it decreases the level of water.


The most common cause of mold in a toilet bowl is stagnant water. Stagnant water occurs when the toilet is not flushed on a regular basis. Additional causes include mold spore growth in the toilet tank as well as the transfer of mold spores into the toilet bowl via toil...


A common reason for a falling water level in a toilet bowl is a clogged vent. The water passing through the pipes creates a vacuum that pulls water into the drain from the bowl. Other reasons for dropping water levels include improperly installed drains and hairline cra...


Increase the water level in your toilet bowl by adjusting the height of the float. A higher float retains more water in the tank and allows the toilet to fill higher. This is a quick repair that takes only a couple of minutes and requires a standard screwdriver.