Some creative ways to celebrate a wedding anniversary are to recreate the first date, have a vow renewal ceremony, start a couples journal, take a dream vacation or have a dance night in the living room to a wedding soun... More »

The traditional symbol for a 60th wedding anniversary is the diamond, so incorporating diamonds into gifts or celebrations is a good idea. Also, think about the couple's history together, and try to include people, place... More »

Some ideas for a 60 year wedding anniversary decorations include placing trivia games made in the decade the couple married at each guest table or placing photographs of the couple from important events or favorite memor... More » Holidays & Celebrations Anniversaries

Good ideas for celebrating parents' 50th wedding anniversary include holding a vows renewal ceremony, throwing a big party for family and friends, taking the parents on a special vacation or having a simple family dinner... More »

Good ideas for a 60th wedding anniversary party include a celebration themed by the couple's journey of love that includes photo collages of the couple through the years, slideshows displaying pivotal moments in the marr... More »

A wedding vow renewal ceremony usually involves exchanging vows, recalling details of the original wedding, an exchange of rings and a reception. The rings exchanged can be the the original bands or new ones. More » Holidays & Celebrations Weddings

Romantic and inexpensive ideas for celebrating an anniversary include recreating your first date and setting aside an entire day or evening to spend quality time with your partner doing fun activities. Recreate your firs... More » Holidays & Celebrations Anniversaries