Many traditions surround 20th wedding anniversaries, including several for gifts. The customary offering is china, which symbolizes lasting and magnificent love. This includes vases, dinner sets, tea sets, photo frames o... More »

Some traditional wedding anniversary gifts are wood for the fifth year, tin or aluminum for the 10th year, crystal for the 15th year, china for the 20th year and silver for the 25th year. Examples of gifts for some of th... More »

Some present ideas for a 17th wedding anniversary include a coffee table, bedroom set, dining room set or a pink tourmaline ring. Both the traditional and modern gifts for a 17th anniversary are furniture, the gemstone i... More »

After the 15th anniversary, wedding anniversaries are traditionally commemorated with a gift or symbol every five years, meaning that there is no symbol or gift for the 48th anniversary. However, Hallmark recommends "hom... More »

Some examples of romantic 10th wedding anniversary gifts include jewelry, a personalised keychain, a photo frame and a personalised license plate. The traditional theme is tin or aluminum, and the modern theme is diamond... More » Holidays & Celebrations Anniversaries

Some common 45th wedding anniversary gifts include sapphire jewelry, such as rings, bracelets and cuff links. Home decor, such as artisan bowls, modern art and crystal frames, are also common. Food, such as wine and Fren... More »

There is no known name for a 55th wedding anniversary, though modern and traditional 55th wedding anniversary gifts have a theme of emerald. Some may call it the "Emerald Anniversary." Like emeralds, a marriage that last... More »