In the United Kingdom, the 70th anniversary is considered the platinum anniversary, while in the United States, platinum is the modern gift for the 20th anniversary. The traditional gift for the 20th anniversary in the U... More »

Some examples of romantic 10th wedding anniversary gifts include jewelry, a personalised keychain, a photo frame and a personalised license plate. The traditional theme is tin or aluminum, and the modern theme is diamond... More » Holidays & Celebrations Anniversaries

Many traditions surround 20th wedding anniversaries, including several for gifts. The customary offering is china, which symbolizes lasting and magnificent love. This includes vases, dinner sets, tea sets, photo frames o... More »

There is no traditional gift that is typically given on the 29th anniversary, but the modern gift for this year is new furniture. The 29th anniversary does not have a specific color or a specific gemstone associated with... More »

Finding a great second anniversary gift is made easier by following the standard gift categories associated with the anniversary, specifically choosing something cotton as a traditional gift or china as a more modern gif... More » Holidays & Celebrations Anniversaries

The traditional gift for a 13th anniversary is something made with fur or textiles, while the modern gift is something containing lace. Lingerie is a common gift for this anniversary. Traditional gift ideas include fur l... More »

The traditional 30th wedding anniversary gift is something pearl, while the modern gift is something diamond. Jewelry and knives that are adorned with mother-of-pearl are common choices to celebrate this anniversary. More »