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The only NFL team that does not have a logo on the helmet is the Cleveland Browns. Instead of a logo, the helmet is simply colored orange with alternating stripes of brown and white lines going down the mid-line.


As of 2014, logos for fantasy football teams on the National Football League's website can be changed under the Team Settings page. Choose from over 200 pre-loaded images for a team logo, or upload your own custom logo.


SportsLogos.net provides printable logos for current and past NFL teams. The site provides primary, alternate, helmet, uniform, stadium and wordmark logos for each team, in addition to logos for the NFL, AFC, NFC, Super Bowl and Pro Bowl. It also has logos for the playo...


Logos are used to identity businesses, organizations or products in a unique and recognizable manner. Logos are distinctive graphics or images that set companies or individuals apart from each other to promote awareness of their brands. Groups often adopt logos to repre...


The primary team logo for the Chicago Bears is an orange wishbone-C with a white border inside of a navy blue border or background. This is the logo seen on the helmets of the team and has been in use since 1974.


As of 2016, the Dallas Cowboys top the NFL in merchandise sales. The jersey of Patriots quarterback Tom Brady tops the list for the most individual player jerseys sold.


As of 2015, NFL team divisions include the AFC East, AFC North, AFC South and AFC West. Other divisions include NFC East, NFC North, NFC South and NFC West.