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Old Ford trucks are listed for sale online at OldRide.com and at FossilCars.com, as of 2015. Both websites facilitate contact with the seller and provide information about transport services and links to individual transport companies.


Older and classic Ford trucks can be purchased from websites such as AutoTraderClassics.com, OldRide.com and ClassicCars.com. The particular years and models available on these sites change constantly as trucks are bought and sold.


Ford transmissions are available for sale online at LKQOnline.com, FordParts.com, TransDepot.net and eBay.com, as of April 2015. Some of the transmissions also fit Lincoln and Mercury models, depending on the model and year.


As of 2015, Ford Mustangs are available at Hemmings.com, CarsForSale.com and Cars.com. The websites list new, used, and classic Mustangs that private owners, automotive dealers and auction houses offer. You can search the sites using parameters such as model year, price range, condition and location


1979 Ford vehicles for sale are available on Autoblog.com, Carsforsale.com, eBay.com and Oodle.com. Oodle.com, Autoblog.com and Carsforsale.com allow shoppers to search vehicles by price, mileage, model, color and make.


The Ford F-250 offers both gas and diesel engines, advanced towing capabilities, up to a six-person cab, four-wheel drive, and front and side airbags. Ford offers the truck in five trim levels--XL, XLT, Lariat, King Ranch and Platinum--each of which offers more features as standard. For example, a h


In May 2014, Ford recalled almost 4,000 vehicles, including the F-250 Super Duty, due to transmission calibration problems. Ford issued seven recalls on the Ford F-250 Super Duty from 1992 through 2015.


There are several companies online that offer seats for a 1949 Ford, including Mac's Antique Auto Parts and LeBaron Bonney. Choosing the proper company depends on an individual's budget and skill.


As of 2015, Ford Transit vans are available at the CarConnection.com, CarGurus.com and CarFax.com. The listings cover new and used vehicles located throughout the United States. Dealerships, private owners and auction companies offer the vans in a wide range of model years, features and prices.


Old Ride and AutoBlog.com are some of the places that stock 1979 Ford trucks for sale as of 2015. These sites list different models of classic Ford trucks for sale.