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F150 camper shells are custom ordered to match the paint of the truck. Using the available F150 XLT colors for 2016, options include blue flame, race red, ingot silver, ruby red and Oxford white. The F150 XL color options are similar but also include a shadow black. When a camper shell is ordered at


Camper shells for the Ford F150 are generally designed to fit specific model year ranges, so a camper shell intended for an early-1990s F150 is unlikely to fit a 2015 F150 correctly. In addition, camper shells are intended for specific cab and bed combinations.


The many models of the Ford F-150 pickup truck come in various combinations of three bed lengths and three cab configurations plus three engines, including two V-6s and a V-8. Some models have four-wheel drive, while others have rear-wheel drive. All come with six-speed, automatic transmissions.


Installing a camper shell on a Ford F-150 takes 5 steps. The steps are spreading out a drop cloth to protect the shell, applying weather-stripping on the rails;setting the shell on the rails, attaching six clamps to the shell, the tightening these clamps on the rails.


A common electrical problem with Ford F150 vehicles is failure of the reverse lights or the reverse indicator on the dashboard signalling whenever the vehicle is in reverse gear. The fault here lies in the transmission range sensor, which the manufacturer may have calibrated out of specification dur


Some Ford F150 ODB-II codes are P0102 and P0103, which relate to the mass air flow sensor; P0131 through P0161, which relate to the oxygen sensors; and P0301 through P0310, which relate to misfires on the various cylinders. Some ODB-II readers omit the letter P when displaying the code.


Common repair problems with the Ford F-150 include ignition coil failure, oil leakage to the starter and potential ejection of the spark plug from the cylinder head. Some owners also reported problems with possible leakage of the engine oil pan gasket and rough running of the engine at rest.


Many Ford enthusiast and car repair sites post detailed specifications for the engines used in the Ford F-150 series of pickup trucks that include the spark plug firing order of the cylinders. The precise firing order varies from engine to engine, however, so it is important to determine the engine


A camper shell for a truck is available from truck accessory manufacturers such as A.R.E Accessories and Leer. Manufacturers typically offer commercial shells for popular vehicle models, in addition to customizable options such as the fiberglass option from A.R.E.


To replace the motor in a Ford F150, first determine whether you want to replace the window motor or the heater blower motor. You need a trim tool, socket set and Phillips screwdriver to replace either of the motors.