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As of 2015, a 1993 Ford F150 with a regular cab and a long box has a Kelley Blue Book suggested retail price of $2,197 if purchased from a dealer. Kelly Blue Book assumes that the vehicle is in good condition or better and gives the vehicle a price range of $1,269 to $2,374, with a fair purchase pri


Find a 2003 Ford F150 truck for sale by using a used car dealer search site such as CarsForSale.com, CarGurus.com or Autotrader.com. You can also locate 2003 Ford F150 trucks on sites such as eBay.com and Craigslist.org.


Edmunds.com and Cars.com both offer individuals the ability to search for nearby dealers selling 2001 Ford F-150 models. Users can refine the search criteria to look for specific characteristics of F-150 models that are being sold within a certain distance of one's local area.


Ford 150 owner's manuals are available using the Owner Manuals search at Owner.Ford.com. Select Ford for vehicle make, F150 for vehicle model and choose the vehicle year. The search retrieves links to the Ford F150 owner's manual in multiple digital formats from FordServiceContent.com, as of 2015.


To get a Ford F-150 owner's manual, visit Ford.com, click on Owner, choose Owner Manuals under SYNC & Owner Tools, click Select a Vehicle, choose the Year Make Model link, fill in the information, choose Select This Vehicle and click Owner Manual. Print or save the PDF owner's manual.


According to TireSize.com, the tire sizes for a 1981 Ford F150 range in width from 215 to 235 millimeters. The aspect ratio is 75 and the diameter is 15 inches. The tire size depends on the drive type.


As of 2015, 1993 Ford F-150s can be found for sale online at carsforsale.com and oodle.com. Auctions for this model of truck can be found at eBaymotors.com.


As of 2016, the websites AutoBlog.com and Cars.com contain lists of new, used or certified pre-owned vehicles including Ford F-150 Platinums. Before looking for a Ford F-150 Platinum, look on an appraisal website such as KBB.com to determine the fair-market value of the vehicle.


Ford does not sell replacement seats for an F150. However, the company does sell various seat covers for around $170 dollars, as of July, 2015.


Some Ford F150 diagnostic codes are P0109 for the BARO sensor circuit being intermittent, P0112 for the intake air temperature sensor circuit having low input, and P0123 for the throttle position circuit having high input. Diagnostic codes are mostly standard but can change slightly between year mod