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Some of the common issues associated with the Mini Cooper include a clutch that wears quickly and malfunctioning electric door locks. Another common problem associated with the Mini Cooper is that the electric power steering pump may fail.


The average price of a 2014 Mini Cooper ranges from about $19,900 to $35,000 as of 2015. The vehicle gets an average fuel economy of 29 miles per gallon in the city and 40 miles per gallon on the highway.


The official website of the BMW Group states that all Mini Cooper vehicles are produced at BMW's Oxford plant, based in the United Kingdom. The production of Mini Coopers and all other Mini vehicles is integrated into BMW's production network.


To rent a Mini Cooper, locate a car rental company that includes Mini Coopers in its rental fleet, such as Sixt Car Rental, Hire Luxury Car or Midway Car Rental, and contact the company online or by telephone to check availability and get a quote. You need to supply pickup and drop-off locations and


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The 2015 MINI Cooper received the lowest possible predicted reliability rating from U.S. News & World Report. This rating was based on a Vehicle Dependability Study from J.D. Power and Associates or the J.D. Power Predicted Reliability rating.


Older classic cars, such as a 1960 Mini Cooper, can be purchased from online auction sites and classified ads. The Internet has allowed for many companies to create an environment where a user can post adds to directly sell to other buyers.


Information about the Austin Mini Cooper is found at SuperCars.net, Hagerty.com and ConceptCarz.com. Super Cars has an index of over 6,000 cars, containing videos and photo galleries. It also has a community forum and a system for submitting original work about supercars to its database.


Mini, one of many BMW-owned brands, manufactures Mini Coopers, according to BMWGroup.com. The first Mini Cooper was built in England in 1959. BMW continues to manufacture Minis in Great Britain, as of 2015.