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The 2015 Toyota 4-Runner is a five-seat sport-utility vehicle with a six-cylinder engine that puts out 270 horsepower. All nine models of the 4-Runner have five-speed automatic transmission. Six of the models have four-wheel drive. The others are rear-wheel drive.


Common modifications to a Toyota 4Runner include adding nerf bars and running boards, changing differential gear ratio, adding aftermarket grilles and bull bars, suspension modification and upgrading the exhaust system. Modifications for the Toyota 4Runner range from simple accessory and cosmetic ch


Retailers JCWhitney.com, RealTruck.com, Amazon.com and AutoAnything.com all sell Toyota 4-Runner accessories. Toyota dealerships offer Toyota 4-Runner and Toyota Racing Development branded accessories. Toyota accessories include parts for the interior, exterior and performance for the 4-Runner and a


The towing capacity limit of a 2015 Toyota 4Runner is 4,700 pounds. This towing capacity limit applies to the 2015 4RunnerSR5, the 2015 4RunnerTrail and the 2015 4RunnerLimited.


Toyota premiered its all-new 2016 Tacoma midsize pickup at the 2015 Detroit Auto Show and plans to release the truck in dealerships in the third quarter of 2015, with individual dealers reporting availability in September or October. The outgoing 2015 Tacoma, available now, starts at $20,965 as of M


The Toyota Tacoma mid-size pickup truck sees a significant redesign for 2016 with a strengthened frame, all-new exterior styling, a revised interior with more available tech features, two new transmissions and a more-modern V-6 engine. The 2016 model year brings the most extensive changes the Tacoma


All 13 models of the 2016 Toyota Corolla seat five people, have front-wheel drive and come with a 1.8-liter four-cylinder engine. The various models have three transmission types, including manual and two kinds of automatic.


Locate used Toyota 4Runner parts by searching on used part reseller sites such as Part My Ride, Fresno TAP Recycling, UNeedAPart and eBay. Always make sure that any parts found online or in person are compatible with the model year of the Toyota 4Runner before committing to a purchase.


Sites that offer a rebuilt 22R Toyota 4Runner engine as of 2015 include Enginesus.com, YotaShop.com and ToyotaTruckEngine.com. These sites offer different sizes of these engines at different prices.


Both the mid-sized Toyota Tacoma and full-sized Toyota Tundra pickup trucks require oil and oil filter changes every 5,000 miles for traditional oil, or every 10,000 miles if using synthetic oil. Toyota recommends 0W-20 viscosity oil for the four-cylinder Tacoma, and 5W-30 viscosity for the six-cyli