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TimeAndDate.com features a calendar page from February 2013 that includes holidays, observances and phases of the moon. WinCalendar.com also has a calendar page from February 2013 that is printable and can be downloaded as a Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel or HTML docum...


According to Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English, a calendar month is a full month or a specific date in one month that corresponds to the same day in the next. Months were first used in Mesopotamia and revolved around the cycles of the moon.


A 2013 calendar displaying Canadian holidays is available on TimeandDate.com or PortalSeven.com. Examples of Canadian holidays highlighted on these calendars are New Year's Day, Victoria Day, Canada Day, Remembrance Day and Boxing Day.


A school calendar is very similar to any other calendar used to keep track of important dates and events. Schools often issue their students and parents school calendars that include the events or details of each school day in the year.


A calendar day is a period from midnight on a given day to midnight on the next day. Thus, a calendar day is a period of 24 hours starting from midnight.


To calculate yearly income, consider earnings from all sources, sum all of these items over a particular period, and then translate the data to represent an annual basis. Income streams can vary, and calculating yearly income can help with financial forecasting.


The types of calendars used by societies have varied throughout history. According to the education website EDinformatics, lunar calendars are synchronized to the phases of the moon, whereas solar calendars are linked to the perceived movement of the sun causing the cha...