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Animals like owls, woodpeckers, jaguars and wolves live in forests. Forest life is some of the most complex on the planet and each animal is important to the ecosystem.


Some general names of forests are tropical rainforest, temperate deciduous forest, temperate coniferous forests, alpine forests and boreal forests, which are also known as taiga or subalpine. Forests are named or classified according to their environment and the types o...


The temperate forest is home to many different animals including several species of mammals, insects, birds, amphibians and reptiles. Skyenimals, a web source, gives a full list of the animals found in this habitat.


The Black Forest in Germany derives its name from the once-abundant resources within its borders, which included wood, silver and ore. Although the Black Forest is heavily wooded, dark and dense, its name comes from the economic value found in its trees, soils and rocks...


One subspecies of African elephant, known as the forest elephant, lives in the rain forest. The forest elephant lives in the equatorial forests in the central and western regions of the African continent.


Deciduous forests describe the primary type of forest found in eastern North America and China, Europe, Japan and parts of South America. These locations constitute many different kinds of people and a large portion of the Earth's human population.


Wake Forest University is located in Winston-Salem, N.C. The school was just north of Raleigh in the town of Wake Forest until it moved its main campus to Winston-Salem in 1956.