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The following is a list of the largest 100 lakes of the United States by normal surface area.The top twenty lakes in size are as listed by the National Atlas of the United States, a publication of the United States Department of the Interior.The area given is the normal or average area of the lake.


25 Largest lakes in United States. ... ranking of the Lakes by water volume or surface area and referred from official sources including National Atlas of the United States. Lake Superior is the largest lake by surface area with 82,103 sq km, and Lake Huron of 59,570 sq km is the second largest lake in the country. ... 20 Tallest Waterfalls in ...


This article lists the largest lakes, natural and man-made, in the United States by volume -- the amount of water they contain under normal conditions. Volumes given for lakes shared with Canada and Mexico are for the total volume of the lake.


The major lakes in North Dakota are: Lake Sakakawea (largest man made lake in North Dakota and third largest man made lake in the US) Devils Lake (largest natural made lake in North Dakota and the ...


Lake Michigan, occupying an area of 58,026 km2, is the only Great Lake that lies entirely within the boundaries of the US. The lake ranks third among the largest lakes in the US and is roughly the size of the US state of West Virginia. The US states of Michigan, Illinois, Indiana, and Wisconsin share the lake.


The United States is home to thousands of lakes. Some of the largest are found in high mountain areas, while others are located at low elevations. Many include man-made reservoirs created through damming rivers. The following list is comprised of the top 25 largest lakes in the United States as measured by surface area, with their locations ...


Largest Lake in the United States (by surface area): Lake Superior is the single named lake with the largest surface area in the United States at 31,700 square miles (82,103 square kilometers). However, as mentioned above, if you consider Lake Michigan and Lake Huron as a single lake, then Lake Michigan-Huron has the largest surface area at ...


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Iliamna Lake, also known as Lake Iliamna, is the largest lake in Alaska and the second largest freshwater lake contained wholly within the United States (after Lake Michigan). This glacial lake in southwest Alaska is often referred to as an inland sea, stretching out about 80 miles long, 25 miles wide, ... Lake Ontario


Lake Superior is the largest freshwater lake in the world, as well as the the 3rd largest such body by volume, and the 2nd largest lake of any kind by overall area in the world. It is also the largest amongst all of the North American Great Lakes, with a total surface area of 82,414 square kilometers.