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Last month we gave you 20 interesting facts about the land down under. This month, we feature South Africa. You might know already that South Africa has 11 official languages and was the recent host of the 2010 FIFA World Cup, but here are 20 lesser known facts about this friendly and fascination country.


According to The Economist, South Africa is not among the list of 20 countries with brain drain people. 22. The Mompane (or Mompani) worms of Limpopo is a well-deserved meal in South Africa.


Here are 10 interesting facts about South Africa. 1. About 80% of the country's population is ethnically black African. Roughly 9% are considered colored (a mix of white and African or white and ...


With these 82 interesting facts about South Africa, let us learn more about its people, culture, wildlife, geography, history, industries; and some information and trivia about South Africa for kids. 1. The longest continuous wine route on earth is found in South Africa. 2. It is the largest meat producer in Africa. 3.


South Africa is also part of the G-20, an international forum for the world’s top 20 economies. 27. South Africa was once the world’s number one producer of gold. although 2014 reports ranked South Africa sixth in the world, producing around 6 percent (164.5 tonnes) of the world’s precious metal from its 35 mines.


In developing countries in Africa, women typically work 12 to 13 hours per week more than men. [1] Tigers only live in Asia, not in Africa. [14] The United States, China, India, New Zealand, Argentina and Europe could all fit within Africa. [3] In South Africa, people can attach flamethrowers to their cars to prevent car jacking. [4]


South Africa is a country that is located in the southernmost part of Africa. The official name for the country is the Republic of South Africa. South Africa has a population of 54,956,900 people, making it the 25th most populous country in the world. The country stretches across 471,445 square miles, making it the 24th largest in the world.


The seas around South Africa are also full of incredible creatures – in fact, around 2,000 marine species visit South African waters at some point during the year. What’s more, this magnificent country gets to enjoy one of nature’s most spectacular underwater events, the “ sardine run “!


Population: 58.5 million people live in South Africa (2019); Capital city: Pretoria has 3 million inhabitants. Pretoria's nickname is "The Jacaranda City" due to the many jacaranda trees. In South Africa, the city is referred to as 'Tshwane' as the municipality changed its name in 2007.


10 Amazing, Fun & Interesting Facts About South Africa. South Africa, officially known as Republic of South Africa is the African country located in the southern region of Africa. It is ranked on 25th position in the list of largest countries in the world and ranked 24th in the list of most populated countries in the world.