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Pandas, which do not hibernate, are more closely related to raccoons than bears. Although they can eat meat, they live mostly on plants and primarily eat the shoots and leaves of bamboo found growing in their habitat. They typically feed on between 28 and 44 pounds of plants over a 12 to 16 hour a d


An interesting fact about pandas is that they are the symbol of peace in China. Hundreds of years ago, tribes would raise a flag with a picture of panda on it during combat in order to call a truce or end a battle.


Facts for both giant pandas and red pandas are available on the websites for the Smithsonian National Zoological Park and National Geographic. Both sites include detailed information about pandas and display photos of the two different types.


Several zoology websites and wildlife foundations maintain detailed fact databases concerning the giant panda, whose scientific name is Ailuropoda melanoleuca. The World Wildlife Fund, the National Zoo and the International Union for the Conservation of Nature all have large fact collections on thei


The red panda has markings reminiscent of the giant panda, but it boasts a red, black and white coat. Despite its markings and name, the red panda is in its own taxonomic genus, although in the past it was thought to be closely related to both giant pandas and raccoons.


The red panda, native to Nepal, northern Burma and central China, reaches a size similar to that of a house cat, making it much smaller than the well-known black-and-white panda. It has been classified as a relative of the giant panda and the raccoon; however, as of August 2014, the red panda is con


The International Union for Conservation of Nature lists the panda on its Red List of Threatened Species. As of 2015, there are approximately 1,800 pandas living in the wild, according to the World Wildlife Fund. Pandas have lived as long as 35 years in captivity, and scientific observation indicate


Children can learn about pandas on the Atlanta Zoo's website at ZooAtlanta.org and the World Wide Fund for Nature's website at WWF.org. Both websites have photographs and lists of facts about pandas.


Pandas are not marsupials; instead, they are placental mammals. Marsupials carry their young offspring in a pouch, whereas placental mammals like pandas and other bears do not have pouches.


A Panda skateboard has several features that make it unique. Panda skateboards are known for their array of colors and custom panda graphics, and they have a moderate concave and narrow width. Other features include a 14-inch wheelbase and an 8-inch-wide board. Panda skateboards are attractive and e