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Specialist retailers that sell center caps for chrome rims include Wheels and Caps, CenterCapsDirect.com and RimCenterCap.com, as of 2016. Additional sources for chrome rim center caps include AutoAmenity.com and SummitRacing.com.


To repair chrome rims the damage must be cleaned, filled and painted over. There are also expensive commercial options that require special machinery and materials to re-coat the chrome on rims.


Some brands of cheap chrome rims are Menzari Wheels, Akuza Wheels, Ballistic Wheels, Azari Wheels and Devino Wheels. Euromax Wheels, Forte Wheels, Incubus Wheels, MKW wheels, Avenue Wheels and Strada Wheels are some other brands.


Remove rust from chrome rims by cleaning the rims before rubbing them with steel wool and scrubbing them with a wire brush. Then, apply a protective coating to the rims. The process requires soap and water, a wire brush, towels, rubbing alcohol, fine-grade steel wool, medium-grade steel wool, a chem


Manta.com lists a wide range of wheel repair shops across the United States, most of which repair chrome rims and some of which also offer mobile repair services. Click on a listed company for more information about its services and to follow any link to the company's website. Alternatively, RimGuar


Center caps are sized by the model number of the original center cap, by the dimensions of the wheel or by the dimensions of the original center cap. Original center caps cannot be replaced with different models if they're shaped like a plate or starfish or if they use screws.


Companies such as Wheels America and United Wheel Repair offer chrome rim and general wheel repair services. Individuals can visit store locations or ship damaged wheels for repair. As of September 2015, store locations are available on WheelsAmerica.com and UnitedWheelRepair.com.


Chrome wheels can be purchased online from auto parts e-commerce websites such as Discounted Wheel Warehouse, TireCrazy and Wheelfire. These wheel and tire retailers offer a wide array of products and services at discounted prices.


Summit Racing Equipment, Quadratec and ECS Tuning sell replacement center caps for many different automobile makes or models. All three parts sellers offer online shopping and toll-free support for shoppers purchasing center caps, wheels and related parts.


Find 24-inch chrome rims for sale on sites such as Wheelfire.com, eBay, Discounted Wheel Warehouse and Craigslist. A buyer should always make sure that the rims she purchases are compatible with the vehicle's tires to avoid safety issues or potential damage.