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The American Foundation for the Blind states that 20/200 vision is the clinical definition for legal blindness. Therefore, a person with 20/600 vision is considered legally blind. With 20/600 vision, an individual sees people only as shapes, WPTV indicates. CNN explains that this level of eyesight impairment is comparable to a newborn's eyesight.


People with acuities of 20/200, 20/400, or 20/600 have some vision, but they don't see with the same degree of clarity that a person with an acuity of 20/20 or 20/50 sees. When a person has 20/200 distance acuity during an exam, he is usually only able to see the big "E" on the eye chart in the eye care specialist's office.


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20/600 vision means you need to be twenty feet away from a standard letter size to recognize it; but the same sized letter could be seen at a distance of 600 feet by a patient with normal vision. The definition of legal blindness is explained in a response to a previous question (see link below), which was posted on 4/22/98. ...


What Does 20/400 Mean. We measure your quality of vision at 20 feet-this is the numerator (top twenty). The denominator (bottom 400) is a comparison to someone with standard vision. So if you have 20/400 vision you would have to be at 20 feet to see what one with standard vision would see at 400 feet.


Having always thought that "legal" blindness was 20 /400 corrected vision (or worse), I did a little research. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), 20 /400 is the definition for legal blindness (rather than 20 /200 used by the U.S. government). My eyes have been about 20 / 600 uncorrected for a long time. Glasses were just a part of me, and I liked them (except...


In vision terms, what does 20/300 mean? Update Cancel. ... Let’s present a few examples: 20/300: These are rather large sized letters. ... 20/300 means you (the 20) can see at 20 feet what someone with perfect 20/20 vision can see at 300 feet. 20/300 is rather poor vision. 4.1k views · View 2 Upvoters.


20/1500 is a Snellen measurement , which means exactly what David said. 20/1500 uncorrected vision gives NO clue why it is 20/1500...thet person could be strictly nearsighted with no astigmatism at all , or have huge astigmatism that contacts couldn't even correct.


The purpose of this page is to give an idea of how blurry your vision is when you don't use your glasses or contact lenses, or when you use a prescription which doesn't match your eyes. This is illustrated by simulating the blurry perception of a Snellen eye chart, which is commonly used to make eye examinations.


What does legally blind look like. Posted at 12:06h in Uncategorized by admin. I use these images as examples in my presentations. Open this link: getting close to legally blind 20/20 20/40 20/70 20/100 definition There is only 1 letter of difference on the vision chart between 20/100 and 20/200…they are that close in visual acuity ...