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There are several different types of volcanoes: steep stratovolcanoes, wide shield volcanoes, and mounded lava domes. The shape of a volcano actually depends on the types of lava that it’s made ...


Nevertheless, it is often difficult to tell the two types of lava apart in exposures. The only way to absolutely know that the flows you're looking at are pillow lavas rather than pahoehoe toes, is to find submarine sediments (such as hyaloclastite debris formed from the violent reaction of lava and water) between the pillows.


When lava cools it also forms a myriad of different shapes and types of lava. There are two main types of lava pahoehoe (pa-hoy-hoy) and a'a (ah ah). Pahoehoe lava comes out smooth and dense and can form large areas that resemble flat parking lots or smooth bumps.


The three main types of volcanoes are:. stratovolcano (or composite volcano) — a conical volcano consisting of layers of solid lava flows mixed with layers of other rock. cinder cone volcano ...


Pahoehoe lava. Pahoehoe is a smooth and continuous lava crust. Pahoehoe forms when the effusion rate is low and consequently the velocity of lava flow is slow 2.Pahoehoe lava flow is usually at least 10 times slower than typical aa lava flow 5.Higher effusion rate results in lava flow being shattered which is how the rubbly and clinkery aa lava surface forms.


Pahoehoe lava can be formed by only low viscosity lava. This type of lava is also known as ropy lava. The best example for this type of lava flows are from the Big Island of Hawaii. Aa lava: – It is a very common form of lava flow. Aa lava is a rough and rubble crust of a lava flow. The word ‘aa’ has been derived from the Hawaiian ...


The lava cools and breaks up as it encounters the water, with the resulting fragments filling in the seabed topography such that the sub-aerial flow can move further offshore. Lava deltas are generally associated with large-scale, effusive type basaltic volcanism. Hazards. Lava flows are enormously destructive to property in their path.


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“Type” could mean a lot of things, but I’m going to go with the most obvious distinction between pahoehoe and aa. The biggest difference is their texture. Observe. First, Pahoehoe: Pahoehoe is a fluid lava, that flows slowly and gently, forming ri...


There are two types of volcanoes formed by liquid rock (lava/magma), one being a shield volcano that are spread out over a large area but are not very tall because of the lava being mafic in ...