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Answer . A 2-valved trumpet is actually a type of bugle. The purpose is the same as that on a normal trumpet. The only difference is that you can play fewer notes on the two valved instrument, but ...


AP Human Geo Key Issue 1. STUDY. PLAY. Define Map. ... What is the science of mapmaking called? Cartography. What are the two purposes that maps serve? A reference tool, communication. Who first used the term "geography"? Ancient Greek Scholar Eratosthenes. ... AP Human Geo Key Issue 2. 29 terms. AP Human Geo Key Issue 3. 30 terms. AP Human ...


Unit 1 Basic Concepts of Geography. STUDY. PLAY. ... What two purposes does a map serve? A map serves two purposes: It is a tool for storing reference material and a tool for communicating geographic information. Miletus. center for geographic thought and map making in the ancient world.


The purpose of maps lies chiefly in navigation and in helping cultures determine new trade routes. Throughout history, governments have put a priority on creating detailed, accurate maps. Today, the term "map" also refers to visual representations of various ideas and concepts.


The purpose of a political map serves a simple yet essential purpose- to define the governmental boundaries of countries, states, territories, regions, and cities. This allows one to find certain locations with much ease, as locations and boarders are clearly defined on a political map. Hope this helps.


There are two types of general purpose maps: the topographic map and the road map or atlas. Both maps are used to identify specific features and give distance and elevation information. share with ...


Pictorial Maps Purposes/Types of Maps Physical map – shows land and water features shaped by nature Pictorial map – uses drawings to indicate features on the map, such as buildings, forests, and landmarks. Political map – shows countries, states, capitals, etc. Relief map – shows three-dimensional aspects of the planetSatellite map – map of earth taken from space


CHAPTER 2 MAPS Cartography is the art and science of expressing the known physical features of the earth graphically by maps and charts. No one knows who drew, molded, laced together, or scratched out in the dirt the first map.


Thematic maps are one of several widespread genres of maps. In much of the litterature a distinction is made between three widespread map types which together accont for themajority of maps produced within modern western society: (1) topographic maps, (2) thematic maps and (3) continuous spatial datasets.


A map is almost universally a two-dimensional representation of a piece of three-dimensional space. Only with the advent of modern computer graphics were three-dimensional maps made possible. Maps serve two map functions; they are a spatial database and a communication device. The science of making maps is called cartography.