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One-hour fire-rated wall boards include Sheetrock Brand Ultralight FirecodeX Gypsum panels, Durock Brand Cement Board Next Gen, and Sheetrock Brand Firecode Core - Type X. Wall board assemblies consist of wood, steel or concrete block framing, insulation and gypsum wall board. These materials, combi


The best ceiling paints are Valspar Color Changing Ceiling Paint, Rust-Oleum Zinsser Ceiling Paint and Benjamin Moore Waterborne Ceiling Paint, according to Bestcovery.com. Pratt & Lambert Pro-Hide Silver Interior Latex Ceiling Paint is also one of the best.


Examples of price ceilings include rent control in New York City, apartment price control in Finland, the Victorian Football League ceiling wage, state farm insurance in Australia and Venezuela’s price ceilings on food. Price ceilings set the maximum price that can be charged on a product or service


Changing the look for a dropped ceiling can be achieved by adding wallpaper or paint to the ceiling or simply changing the size of the ceiling tiles. Adding recessed lighting or changing the main and cross tees can also alter the appearance of the ceiling.


Hunter ceiling fans receive high reviews on Amazon.com, with a rating of 4.5 out of five stars on the list of top 20 fan models, though mixed reviews of some models indicate problems. Sixteen of the top 20 ceiling fans on Amazon.com carry the Hunter brand name.


To easily paint a ceiling, remove all items in the room, use painter's tape to achieve a neat paint job and choose the appropriate ceiling paint. Additionally, prepare the necessary tools, including a trim brush, stepladder and a roller with an extension pole.


Hansen Wholesale asserts that the Emerson Carrera Grande Eco is the best and top-selling ceiling fan. The fan is environmentally friendly, and the blades are available in a number of colors such as White, Oil Rubbed Bronze and Brushed Steel.


Products that are good for cleaning ceilings include vacuum cleaners, brooms and all-purpose cleaners, according to BHG.com. To remove tough stains, brush on a sealer that is resistant to stains and repaint the ceiling.


The aging of a structure often results in small, spiderweb cracks in the ceiling. Seasonal expansion and shrinking can also cause cracks. However, large, parallel cracks in a ceiling often indicate a serious problem.


Electric ceiling heat uses resistance wires, placed between layers of sheetrock on the ceiling to provide radiant heat in a room. The system is relatively simple, consisting of the resistance wire and a thermostat and requires little maintenance.