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This series of postage stamps were the first definitive issues to be entirely designed and printed by the Bureau of Engraving and Printing, and their Baroque revival style is much akin to that of the Pan-American commemoratives the Bureau had issued in 1901. There are fourteen denominations ranging from 1-cent to 5-dollars.


British postal reform took place in quick stages. On January 10, 1840, the postage for all half-ounce letters was set at one penny. The introduction of prepaid stamps and stationery took nearly four more months, becoming valid for postage on May 6, 1840. Hill and his assistant, Henry Cole, had to move fast to produce the first stamps by that date.


The US provisional postage stamps. From 1842 to 1847, the local postmasters were allowed to issue postal stamps that they made on their own. Stamps and envelopes issued during this period in American philately came to be known as the postmasters’ provisionals. Until 1844, the postage stamp price was so expensive that it crippled the postal ...


The Penny Black was the world's first adhesive postage stamp used in a public postal system. It was first issued in the United Kingdom (referred to in philatelic circles as Great Britain), on 1 May 1840, but was not valid for use until 6 May. The stamp features a profile of Queen Victoria.


A First Day of Issue Cover or First Day Cover (FDC) refers to a postage stamp on a cover, postcard, or stamped envelope franked on the first day the stamp is authorized for use within the country or territory of the stamp-issuing authority. There will usually be a first day of issue postmark, frequently a pictorial cancellation, indicating the city and date where the item was first issued, and ...


U.S. Postage Stamps. The Post Office Department issued its first postage stamps on July 1, 1847. Previously, letters were taken to a Post Office, where the postmaster would note the postage in the upper right corner. The postage rate was based on the number of sheets in the letter and the distance it would travel.


But the first United States official postage stamp came in 1847, with 5 and 10 cent stamps depicting Benjamin Franklin and George Washington. Other countries issued postage stamps in the late 1840's. India as one of the follower issued stamps in 1845 and by 1860's most countries had stamps.


Through his efforts, the first stamp in the world was issued in England in 1840. Roland Hill also created the first uniform postage rates that were based on weight rather than size. Hill's stamps made the prepayment of mail postage possible and practical.


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The first postage stamps issued in the World are generally accepted by stamp collectors to have commenced in 1840, and this category is headed by the One Penny Black, issued by Great Britain on May 6, 1840. This is true, for the most part.