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There are 1,024 MB in 1 GB. MB stands for megabyte, and GB stands for gigabyte. Some manufacturers of storage devices, such as flash drives, measure 1 GB as an even 1,000 MB.


Test your Internet speed using a free online service such as Speedtest or with the do-it-yourself tools at Geek Squad. You only need a computer with a wired or wireless Internet connection to get started.


To check your Internet speed, connect your computer directly to the modem or router using a wired connection. Disconnect all other connections to your broadband to increase accuracy. Use a reliable Internet speed testing website, and follow the instructions provided.


You can test your Internet speed by going to a website that offers an online speed test such as SpeedOf.Me. Online speed tests download and upload files between your computer and a test server to determine the speed and quality of your Internet connection.


Ways to increase Internet speed include using Internet Explorer as a browser, setting the homepage of the browser to a blank page and managing the browser cache. Using Internet Explorer can speed up a user's Internet because, as of 2014, there are still some websites that are designed with Internet


To test your Internet speed, you need to provide a solid connection with your router. Cancel any unnecessary downloads or applications, and connect to a website that determines your connection speed.


To speed up your Internet connection, first check your current Internet speed. Next, research the maximum speed in your area. Finally, take specific measures to maximize your Internet speed.


PremiumUSB.com sells USB memory sticks in bulk quantities, and offers them in 1GB sizes as well as many other options. Depending on how many sticks are ordered at once, the price can be around $2 or $3 per 1GB memory stick.


For the average user on a home broadband connection, 30 megabits per second is considered a fast Internet speed. For heavier users, there are Internet plans that allow more than 100 megabits per second.


SpeedTest.com offers a global speed test for determining how quickly a computer can both upload and download files on the Internet. SpeedTest operates by sending a small file to a computer and measuring how long it takes, and then having the computer send the file back out to the Internet and measur