At 2014 pricing levels, a 1961 nickel is worth between its face value of 5 cents and a collector's value of 49 cents, depending on its condition. Coin collectors use a scale of good, fine, extremely fine and uncirculated... More »

Nickel silver is an alloy made from 50 to 80 percent copper, 5 to 30 percent nickel, and 10 to 35 percent zinc. Although it is silvery in appearance, it is non-precious and contains no silver. More »

Nickel silver is composed of varying amounts of copper, nickel and zinc; in all cases, there is more copper than nickel and zinc. Despite having silver in its name, nickel silver does not have any in its composition. More »

According to Daniel Harris at, the value of a 1935 Buffalo nickel ranges from as low as $0.43 to as high as $42. The exact value of a specific coin depends on several factors, including condition and mintma... More »

The typical value of a circulated 1919 Lincoln wheat penny in good condition is about 35 cents, as of 2015. Collectors often pay as much as $20 for uncirculated pennies, while coins in certified mint condition sometimes ... More »

A person can research the value of a Mexican coin by year, condition and printing press. Gold Mexican coins have been described as art worth appreciating. More »

At 2014 pricing levels, a 1903 nickel is worth between $1.34 and $53, depending on its condition, according to Coin collectors use a scale of good, fine, extremely fine and uncirculated to grade the condit... More »