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A 1957A $1 silver certificate is not very rare. Silver certificates were U.S. currency redeemable for a silver dollar coin. In 1957, the U.S. Treasury Department only produced silver certificates in $1 denominations, but they printed a very large number of them.


How much is a silver certificate dollar bill worth with blue seal 1957. ... There is no additional value given for that specific serial numbers on this dollar. The values apply to 1957A and 1957B. Circulated condition- $1.50 . Perfect condition- $3 ... reply #16. ezzy. 2 years ago. 1957 silver certificate series, blue seal one dollar bill ...


1957A $1 Silver Certificate Value - How much is 1957A $1 Bill Worth? PaperMoneyWanted.com appraises and buys your old paper money and One Dollar Notes. Submit your note for an offer.


Series of 1928 One Dollar Blue Seal Silver Certificates – Values and Pricing; ... Blue Seal Silver Certificate – Values and Pricing; Series of 1928E Two Dollar Bill – Red Seal Legal Tender – Values and Pricing ... There are series 1957, 1957A, and 1957B. They are all equally common and none of them command premiums.


A 1957 blue seal silver certificate is probably worth only a small amount over face value. According to Heritage Auctions, an uncirculated bill is worth between $2 and $4, and a circulated bill is worth between $1.25 to $1.50. However, if the serial number has a star after it, the value will be somewhat higher.


Description: This is the last one dollar silver certificate issued by The United States. Seal Type: All 1957 $1 silver certificates have the same seal type. Varieties: These can be noted as series of 1957, series of 1957A, or series of 1957B. Portrait: George Washington. Value: There aren’t any special 1957 $1 silver certificates. Most sell ...


Martha Washington was featured on three different silver certificates. The note pictured above is a $1 silver certificate from 1886 and it looks very similar to the 1891 one dollar note.. Martha Washington was also on the back of the 1896 note seen below.


Silver certificates from 1957 and 1935 are common, however they will still sell for 1.5-2x face value on Ebay. In the video we discuss the difference between silver certificates and federal ...


1957 Silver Certificate - US One Dollar Bill- Blue Seal - Duration: ... Are Silver Certificates Rare or Tough to Find? - Keep An Eye Out on These Mules & Errors! ... Red Seal $5 Dollar Bill ...