According to Dollar Times, the buying power of a dollar in 1950 is equivalent to $9.87 in 2014. However, the monetary value of a dollar bill has not changed. In 1950, the dollar was worth one hundred cents, as it is toda... More »

As of 2014, a $10 bill from 1950 is worth $10. Money is always worth face value unless or until something determines that it is unique and, therefore, more valuable than its face value. More »

Ten-dollar bills from 1950 that are in mint condition and have been well-preserved are valued at $19.08, as of August 2014. The value of a 1950 ten-dollar bill depends on the series it belongs to and its condition. There... More »

According to, the value of $1 in 2014 currency would have been worth $5.92 in 1970. The value of a dollar today is worth less than it was in the past due to inflation. To offer further perspective, that same do... More »

The Susan B. Anthony silver dollar coin has a diameter of 26.49 millimeters, or 1.043 inches. Golden dollar coins, such as the Native American and the Presidential dollar coins, have the same measurements as the silver d... More »

The Jamaican dollar is called the Jamaican dollar and is often abbreviated as "J$" or "JMD" to differentiate it from other dollar currencies. The Jamaican dollar is the official currency of Jamaica. A Jamaican dollar is ... More »

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