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Mar 8, 1999 ... Nearly all circulating pennies at that time were struck in zinc–coated steel because copper and nickel were needed for the Allied war effort.


1943 Steel d Penny SUPER RARE FIND | Etsy. Il s'agit d'une pièce très rare et très cher 1943 d.


Results 1 - 48 of 158 ... 1943 P, D, S Wartime Steel Cents Pennies 3 Coin Set in Good ... Rare WWII World War Steel Penny Old Coin Collection LotCollectible ...


Lot 282974903969 sold for $14.00 in May, 2018 at eBay Sales 05/20/2018 ~ 05/ 26/2018, by eBay.


1943 D Over D Lincoln Cent Wheat Penny Value ... 1943 D Over D Lincoln Wheat Cent Penny is worth a few cents and are very common in circulated grades. A ...


1943-D Lincoln Penny. "D" Mintmark Under Date: Denver Mint Struck the Coin ... San Francisco struck 191,550,000 zinc coated steel pennies in 1943, 3th ...


This 1943 Steel Penny has been reprocessed. Reprocessing involves stripping off the old zinc, removing any rust from the surface of the coins, and re-coating ...


the back has alittle rust, but hay it's a steel penny. Came from my Dads collection. The coin market will deside the worth of this one! Thanks for lookin!


Designer, Victor D. Brenner. Design date, 1909. Reverse. NNC-US-1943-1C- Lincoln Cent (wheat, zinc-coated. Design, Wheat Heads in memoria. Designer, Victor D. Brenner. Design date...


What Is A 1943 Steel Penny Worth? (aka 1943 Silver Wheat Penny) · Most 1943 steel pennies that you'll find in circulation are pretty well worn (and many that are  ...


CoinTrackers.com has estimated the 1943 D Steel Wheat Penny value at an average of 45 cents, one in certified mint state (MS+) could be worth $12.