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1940s Sports: History, Facts, MVPs & Champions Sporting events all around the world were disrupted by World War II. The 1940 and 1944 Olympic Games were cancelled because of the war.


The 1940s (pronounced "nineteen-forties" and commonly abbreviated as the "Forties") was a decade of the Gregorian calendar that began on January 1, 1940, and ended on December 31, 1949. Most of World War II took place in the first half of the decade, which had a profound effect on most countries and people in Europe, Asia, and elsewhere.


1930s Sports: History, Facts, MVPs & Champions The 1930s weren’t dominated by a superstar like they were in the ’20s. Many people say that the “Golden Age of Sports” had come to a close when Bobby Jones retired in 1930.


Baseball was the most popular sport throughout the 1940s, and it was not heavily effected by WWII, as many other sports, explains ThisGreatGame.com. President Franklin D. Roosevelt wrote the "Green Light Letter," which assured baseball would be able to carry on during the war.


Jennifer Rosenberg is a historian, history fact-checker, and freelance writer who writes about 20th-century history topics. Updated May 13, 2019 The 1940s tower over every other decade of the 20th century as the most full of sorrow, patriotism, and ultimately, hope and the beginning of a new era of American dominance on the world stage.


In the 1940s, they did have a lot of sports as they had today, but they were different in many ways. Now remember the time period, this is 1940s, so World War II was raging in the east, and that will affect a lot in this area of the American culture.


What Happened in 1940 History. Germany invades Denmark, Norway, France, Luxembourg, Belgium, and the Netherlands during World War II. Benjamin O. Davis, Sr. is appointed as a General in the United States Army, becoming the first African-American to hold such a position.


1940s Of Rations and Spoils. Feast and famine was never more defined within baseball than in the 1940s. After a few glorious years to start the decade, the major leagues had to play it lean, leaner and leanest through 1945 as America diverted all of its resources to winning World War II.


1940 in sports describes the year's events in world sport. ... This game still holds records for the highest score and biggest win in National Football League history. College championship. ... 1940 Winter Olympics. The 1940 Winter Olympics, due to take place at Sapporo, ...


Branch Ricky was named president/GM of the Brooklyn Dodgers Men's and women's Wimbledon tournaments were not held during this year. Cleveland beat Washington 15-14. Washington also were the NFL Champs. 1946 On August 16 Babe Ruth died because of cancer in NYC at the age of 53.