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A buffalo nickel is worth approximately 35-40 cents on coin exchange market, but that is only its monetary value. Buffalo nickels are also an important part of the history of American and Native American culture and trade systems. So, to people that collect coins the worth of a Buffalo nickel can


Nickel Five Cents Type Set: 274: 20th Century Series Type Set, Non-Proofs Only - No Gold: 233: Buffalo Nickels 1934-1938, Circulation Issue: 217: US Type Set, 1792-1964, Circulated Coins Only: 186: Buffalo Nickels 1913-1938, One-Per-Year, Circulation Issue: 131: Basic US Type Set, No Gold (7070), Circulated Coins Only: 122


Buffalo Nickel Values. Today, the Buffalo Nickel is extremely popular among collectors. For some, the challenge of assembling a complete set of Buffalo Nickels provides an unparalleled exhilaration. ... 1936 Buffalo Nickel: $1: $1.75: $3: $9: 1936 Buffalo Nickel (D) $1: $1.75: $4: $12: 1936 Buffalo Nickel (S) $1: $1.75: $4: $12: 1937 Buffalo ...


Buffalo nickels from 1936 are some of the least valuable from the Buffalo nickel series, valued between 43 cents and $21, as of 2014. Value depends on the condition and mintmark of the coin. The coins from San Francisco are worth the most, followed by those from Denver and Philadelphia. read more


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After years of making mediocre coins, the Denver Mint took the lead in averaging the finest pieces overall from 1936 through much of the 1950s. Most 1936 D nickels were thus well made, with good to superior strikes and excellent luster. This is another issue that is quite rich in repunched mintmarks, at least 15 being known.


Buffalo Nickels are most famous for their valuable varieties and most notable and well known is the 1937-D Three Leg that’s has a beginning value of $350, but this is not the most valuable Buffalo Nickel variety; the 1916 DDO (Doubled Die Obverse) holds that title with a beginning value of $3,000+, depending on if the coin is certified or not.


Antique buffalo nickels vary greatly in their value depending on a number of factors, and finding out the exact value of your particular item will require you to look at it in some detail. There were six buffalo nickel designs minted in 1936, and each carried the letter 'F' below the date - standing for 'Fraser', after the designer, James E Fraser.


The nickel was made concave by a ball like punch to give it a convex look. For the most part many date less buffalo's have been used to decorate clothing or crafts. In this case they used a dated one. No error, no variety , no value other than a nickel that's been damaged .


More than 150 million buffalo nickels were minted in 1936, making it the most common of the series issued from 1913 to 1938. The majority of coins, a total of about 118,997,000, were struck at the Philadelphia mint.