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The value of an antique wooden ice box depends on several different factors. Specifications, type of wood and the manufacturer name all play a part in determining the value of such an antique, as indicated by Vintage Appliances and Restoration.


A good website resource for prices of antiques and collectibles is Kovels. In order to access the prices listed on the site, users must register with Kovels, which offers three levels of membership, including a basic member that is free. The free membership allows acces...


The value of an antique metal box varies significantly based on factors such as identity, age, condition and rarity. A 2015 listing of metal boxes on the Ruby Lane vintage and antique sales website has prices ranging from under $25 to over $5000.


Free antique pricing is available on the Price Guide and Love to Know Antique websites. Price Guide allows users to search their online database for antiques, while the Love to Know Antiques site provides a list of specific online antique guides.


Antique powder boxes are available for purchase from eBay.com, Etsy.com and VanityCollectibles.com. EBay and Etsy are online marketplaces that allow vintage collectors to sell items to a global audience. Vanity Collectibles lists links to vintage powder boxes that are u...


One of the most popular antique price guides is Kovels.com. The site offers pricing on a wide variety of antiques and collectibles, and also offers copies of their printed price guide books for sale, as of 2015. In general, finding the best antique price guides often de...


The average price of a vintage ice box refrigerator is between $15,000 and $40,000, as of 2015. The price is influenced by external factors such as the specifications of the ice box, the type of wood used and the name of the manufacturer.