The value of an 1883 silver dollar in poor condition is estimated at $31, while a coin in outstanding or mint condition is valued around $185, as of 2015. The overall value of the coin largely depends on the condition of... More »

An 1878 S Morgan silver dollar is a $1 coin. It was minted by the U.S. mint in San Francisco in 1878. The U.S. Mint produced close to 9.77 million of these coins. More » Hobbies & Games Collecting Coins & Currency

A Morgan dollar contains 90 percent silver. The remaining 10 percent of the coin is copper. The total weight of the coin is 26.73 grams. As of 2015, the rounded value to the silver contained in a Morgan dollar is $12.48. More » Hobbies & Games Collecting Coins & Currency

The value of an 1878 silver dollar, known as a Morgan silver dollar, can change daily; CoinTrackers places its estimated worth at $35 for a no mint mark coin in poor condition up to $55,000 for one in perfect condition. ... More »

To determine the value of an 1886 silver dollar, identify the coin by the design and the mint mark. Look up the coin on a coin value website, such as or, as of 2015. Keep in mind that coin va... More »

As of 2014, an 1884 Morgan silver dollar may be worth from $27.19 to more than $4,000, depending on the condition of the coin and its mint mark. The minimum price of a Morgan silver dollar is based on the melt value of t... More »

Once you have identified the year, condition and mint of a silver dollar, you can obtain the current intrinsic value from a number of online coin experts, including, and PCGS. Coin enthusia... More »