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A pair of pants in size 30/32, therefore, has a waistband of 30 inches and stride length of 32 inches. If you want to convert the size to the metric system, you must use factor 2.54, because an inch is equal to 2.54 centimeters.


Size 6 pants fit waists of 26 inches and hips of 36.5 inches. Size 8 pants fit waists of 27 inches and hips of 37.5 inches. Size 10 pants fit waists of 28 inches and hips of 38.5 inches.


The bust is 43 inches, the waist is 36 1/2 to 37 1/2 inches and the hips are 46 inches. A size 18 is typically considered an extra-large. Arm length varies for size 18 garments depending upon the fit.


Find the perfect fit for the whole family with our handy size charts. Learn how to choose the right sizes in Lee jeans and pants, shirts and jackets for men, women and kids. Check out our women’s plus, petite and misses guides as well as our men’s big and tall guide to find exactly the right size for you.


The size W2532 refers to the size of a pair of pants, where the waist dimension is 25 inches and the length dimension is 32 inches. This method of sizing is typically seen in the United Kingdom ...


We also want our non US/UK users to have the opportunity to determine their US panty size in 1-2-3. That is why we also have US panties size chart presented with measures in CM.


Subtract 1�'' from your measurement. Record the length in inches, this is his inseam. You can also measure the inside seam of a pair of pants that fit well to find your child's inseam length. Place the pants on a level surface and measure the inside seam from the crotch to the hem. This is for inseam.


Check a clothing retailer's official website to find its size chart, which usually lists the corresponding inch measurements next to the numeric pant size. Most popular clothing companies offer brand-specific size guides that allow customers to accurately convert a pant size to inches.


Women's pants are probably the trickiest item of clothing to buy online. After all, with pants, you have to consider things like rise, overall length, and waist and hip size—not to mention how they'll fit if you're wearing flats vs. heels.


Convert the inches to American sizes by subtracting 21 from the size in inches. Jeans that are listed as a size 30 would be converted to a size 9. Reverse the conversion by adding 21 to a standard women's size. Having an American size of 4 would be converted to a size 25 if inches are the unit of measurement. Determine the size in centimeters ...