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Forget coconut water. Athletes swear by pickle juice’s scientifically proven benefits to exercise recovery. In one 2010 study, pickle juice halted post-workout muscle cramps in 85 seconds. That, plus its electrolyte-restoring powers has even yielded Pickle Juice Sport – a dill-flavored sports drink.


Drinking pickle juice might sound strange, but it offers healthy benefits after a hard workout. Here are 10 reasons to try it.


I tested the benefits of pickle juice by drinking a shot of pickle juice every day for a week. Is drinking pickle juice good for you? Last year, my boyfriend ran a 5K and came home with a race bag.


Other than being used as a tool for pranking, pickle juice gets tossed out in a lot of people’s homes. Why shouldn’t it? Its look isn’t appetizing. It’s part of the food’s packaging. And the jar will just take up space. Turns out there are a boatload of benefits to this sour concoction ...


17 Uses For Pickle Juice: Workout-Booster, Cure-All, & Household Cleaner I am not sure how anyone figured out how or why you would use Pickle Juice for the following items but I am glad they did. Here at R29, we try and stay on the cutting edge — always on the lookout for that new […]


The benefits of drinking pickle juice aren’t strictly for post-meal purposes. Drinking pickle juice can also help individuals with type 2 diabetes before bedtime. Pickle juice has an antiglycemic effect due to the vinegar, which reduces starch digestion and delayed gastric emptying.


How to Have Pickle Juice Can’t picture yourself drinking pickle juice straight up from the jar regardless of the health benefits? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Here are a few easy ways to add pickle juice to your everyday food - 1. Mix pickle juice into water for a post-workout drink, or even into any recovery shake you use.


Benefits of Pickle Juice. Let’s take a look at some of the most notable health benefits of pickle juice in detail. Reduces Muscle Cramps . Vinegar is a key component in pickle juice and can suppress the pain and discomfort associated with muscle cramps and spasms.


Pickle Juice Servings. To get the benefits of reduced cramping with dill pickle juice, drink about 2.5 ounces of pickle juice after your workout session. Most athletes experience reduced cramping within about 85 seconds, reports The New York Times. Drinking pickle juice appears to reduce cramping about 45 percent faster than just drinking water.


Pickle Juice: 4 Health Benefits Of Drinking The Green Juice Apr 25, 2014 10:00 AM By Sabrina Bachai @SabrinaBachai Pickles have been around for thousands of years, and while there are many benefits of eating the crunchy treat, there are also health benefits of pickle juice as well.