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JACRO™ SUPERTRANS Roll 5/8" 16mm Clear Dry Adhesive Splicing Tape (15m or 50 ... AGFATM F8 S Super-8mm & Single-8mm Automatic Dry-Tape Movie Film Splicer.


Newbies often don't press the tape down and their splices come apart. The following clip shows how to make a proper tape splice: Splicing 16mm Film.


Buy Kodak Polyester Clear Splicing Tape (16mm x 20 yd, Double Perforation) featuring Splicing Tape for Motion Picture Film. Review Kodak null.


These archival cans can be used to store your films on a reel, or a core. ... 16mm Opaque Black Leader mylar 1000ft...tape splice only (has emulsion) ...


Shows how to splice Kodak leader to a 16mm film using an inexpensive splicing block, a razor, and Kodak press tape.


Nov 21, 2020 ... Perforated Film Splicing Tape 305 - 16mm - 66ft Price 91€ pr. roll Delivery ex. stock Copenhagen - Add packing 20€ and freight with Postal ...


Perforates and cuts the adhesive tape to join 16 mm film. Micrometrical registration pins regulator to obtain always perfect butt splices also with old and ...


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Presstapes are an easy way to splice 16 mm film for DVD transfer, to edit film or to repair damaged film. The splices are durable and the process is very fast.