Some good anniversary gift ideas for a husband include experiential gifts, gadgets, special messages, unique accessories and clothing. Creating a romantic atmosphere by using music and candles can go a long way in making... More » Holidays & Celebrations Anniversaries

Some anniversary gift ideas for parents include giving them an album filled with pictures of their children from the time they were infants to adulthood, giving them a list of all the things people have learned from them... More »

The traditional celebratory gift to give for 25th wedding anniversaries is silver. Silver anniversary gifts can include silver jewelry, photo frames, watches, candlestick holders, coins and paper weights. More » Holidays & Celebrations Anniversaries

Second anniversary gift ideas for a husband include clothing, a canvas photo print, a pillow or a robe. Gifts for a couple's second wedding anniversary are traditionally made of cotton, although China glassware is a mode... More » Holidays & Celebrations Anniversaries

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