Teen curfews vary according to local laws in different cities. Parents also often enforce specific curfews for their children that do not depend on laws but on their own home rules instead. More »

The most popular jobs available to 15-year-old individuals are positions as amusement park workers, lifeguards, pet sitters and babysitters, or working for a family member. Other options that are not as well-known are ho... More »

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A 15-year-old can provide tutor services for classmates or students in younger grades for commonly misunderstood subjects, such as math and science. A teenager can also provide babysitting services for neighbors by watch... More »

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While cities and states may have their own occupancy laws, two federal laws that regulate housing occupancy are the Uniform Housing Code and the Federal Fair Housing Act, SFGate reports. The Uniform Housing Code sets the... More »

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Common township ordinances govern such matters as animal control, curfews, abandoned or junked vehicles, and noise, as articulated by the websites of Boonton Township, Pennsylvania and Butler Township, New Jersey. Townsh... More »

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There are no state laws related to teen curfews in Colorado. However, curfews may be established in various communities for the safety and protection of minors. More »

Local governments such as cities and counties are responsible for creating local subdivision regulations, according to the University of Wisconsin-Madison. State laws such as the Wisconsin Statutes and the Maryland Annot... More »

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