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To make an 1,800 calorie meal plan, set a number of meals per day, decide which nutrients each meal supplies and choose healthy foods to create your meals. A meal plan can be created in 30 minutes to an hour. Consult with a doctor before beginning a new diet plan.


800-calorie a day meal plans and diets should include a lot of non-fat and low-fat items. Incorporate these items throughout breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks.


When a dieter consumes only 1000 calories a day, the meals should consist of whole grains, lean proteins and vegetables. Meals should not contain "empty" calories, such as processed food, sugary drinks or alcohol.


According to TheMuscleProgram.com, the 3,000-calorie meal plan is a diet intended to build lean muscle while also burning fat. Working out while on this diet is essential.


Free lists and searchable databases of food calories are available at CalorieKing.com, WebMD.com, FatSecret.com and KeepandShare.com. All of these provide calories from meals at various restaurants and brands of foods as well as calories in individual food items.


Eating Well, Health.com and Dr. Oz provide meal plans consisting of approximately 1,400 calories. Choosing which one is right depends on one's expectations of the results.


Meal planning can be defined as taking the time to plan nutritious meals and snacks for a specified time period. Once a meal plan is drawn up, corresponding ingredients can be purchased for the specified meals on the plan.


Two useful resources for planning a 1600 calorie diabetic meal plan include DiabetesWellbeing.com and Diabetes-and-Lifestyle.com. DiabetesWellbeing.com offers a 1600-calorie menu to help diabetics plan out portions from each food group and when to eat them, while Diabetes-and-Lifestyle.com provides


The average Chinese meal contains approximately 700 calories. However, the range of calories varies substantially. Healthier options contain 200 calories. Less healthy dishes, such as orange beef, contain upwards of 1,200 calories.


A recipe under 300 calories includes a 211-calorie Chili-Rubbed Tilapia with Asparagus. Rub a 4-ounce tilapia fillet with chili powder, garlic powder and salt. Cook the fish for five minutes over medium-high heat or until just opaque. Squeeze on some lemon, and serve with 1 cup steamed asparagus.