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12 Elements of Composition in Photography, Part 1. With so many images all around, what will make someone stop and look at yours? Grasping elements of composition that naturally draw eyes to an image or part of an image will help take your photography to a new level. Rule of Thirds.


12. Story Telling. As Ansel Adams used to say, “There is nothing worse than a brilliant image of a fuzzy concept.” A photo can convey emotion, mood, narrative, ideas and messages. These are the elements that make a statement and tell a story.


12 Elements of an Award-Winning Photo. by Digicamhelp Editor. ... 12 Elements of a merit photo. Impact – the sense one gets upon viewing an image for the first time. Creativity – original and unique expression of the imagination to convey your message.


There are many elements of composition in photography and although that sounds very technical, all it means is what goes into your picture to help you say what you want about a subject. I’ve seen lists of 50 elements but I am going to stick to 10 of the basics today. I would like to go more ...


Elements and Principles of Design in Photography 1. Photography Composition using the Elements and Principles of Art 2. Elements The basic building blocks• Line• Shape/Form• Space• Value• Texture• Color 3. Lines• A mark made by a moving point.• Has greater length than width.•


The Professional Photographers of America has established 12 elements of a good photograph and utilizes these elements as the “gold standard” to define a merit image. The use of these 12 elements connects the modern practice of photography and its photographers to the historical practice of photography begun nearly two centuries ago.


They are simple, true, and sincere. Today we're looking at the elements of design (line, shape, form, texture, color etc) that can turn a simple subject into a striking photo. Successful photos rely on order, and the main elements that bring and emphasize order in a composition are: line, shape, form, texture, pattern, and color.


Elements of Photography. The seven basic elements of photography – line, shape, form, texture, pattern, color and space – all refer to the way you set up your photo. Composition helps you represent any of these elements in the way you choose. Line ­– Can be vertical, horizontal, curved or jagged. Examples: roads, sunsets, bridges.


The 12 Elements Of A Merit Image. So just what does it take to have an image chosen for the International Photographic Exhibit at Imaging USA? When defining a “merit image”, PPA’s International Photographic Competitions Committee (IPCC) applies 12 distinct criteria.


Download “Elements of Art in Photography” iBook here (iPhone, iPad, Mac) In fine art of any media, there are seven basic elements of art. There are also the principles of design, but I will get to that in another post. I learned the elements of art while studying fine arts at Young Harris College.