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Who were the Original 12 Apostles? Saint Peter. S imon, the brother of Andrew, more generally known as Peter, was a fisherman from the Sea of Galilee.While journeying along with His Apostles, Jesus asks them: "Whom do men say that the Son of man is?"


A brother of Saint James the Less and a cousin of Jesus, wrote a Catholic Epistle of the New Testament. It is customary with many to pray to him in seemingly "hopeless" situations. Symbol: halberd, this long-handled and ax-like weapon was used by the Persian executioners of Saint Jude.


I like the little poem. Never heard that before. This is an open thread to discuss the 12 Apostles, and thus, how the Catholic Church is apostolic.


The twelve Apostles were hand-picked by Jesus to carry on His mission. The Apostles (meaning "one who is sent") were the first bishops of the Catholic Church. They were given authority and power by Jesus, including the power to heal and to forgive sins.


12 Apostles found in: The Apostles of Jesus, Twelve Apostles Crucifix, 12", The Twelve Apostles, Galilee Boat with Apostles Play Set, The Navarre Bible - Acts of the Apostles Texts and Commentaries, St. Peter Statue, 12 ..


Everywhere the Apostle governs the disciples, preaches the doctrine of Jesus as an authentic witness, and administers the sacred rites. In order to fill such an office, it seems necessary to have been instructed by Jesus, to have seen the risen Lord.


We can’t finish our journey with Jesus if we keep one foot on the shore in case things get rough! Being a disciple of Christ requires that we die to ourselves and embrace the cross. When we do this, we find a new home in him. The sacrifices we make for him are nothing compared to the rewards we receive as his disciples.


The 12 Apostles (Ἀπόστολος, apostolos, Liddell & Scott, Strong's G652, somebody sent forth/sent out) were men that, according to the Synoptic Gospels and Christian tradition, were chosen from among the disciples (students) of Jesus for a mission. According to the Bauer lexicon, Walter Bauer's Greek-English Lexicon of the NT: "...


Many wonder how the 12 apostles died, but The New Testament tells of the fate of only two of the apostles: Judas, who betrayed Jesus and then went out and hanged himself, and James the son of Zebedee, who was executed by Herod about 44 AD . Read how each of the apostles spread out to minister and evangelize and how many of the apostles died for ...


Jesus Christ selected the 12 disciples from among his early followers to become his closest companions. After an intensive discipleship course and following his resurrection from the dead, the Lord fully commissioned the apostles (Matthew 28:16-2, Mark 16:15) to advance God's kingdom and carry the gospel message to the world.