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Some of the 12 apostles' names include Andrew, Bartholomew, James son of Zebedee, Judas Iscariot, John and Mathew. When Judas betrayed Jesus and committed suicide, Matthias was elected to replace him.


The Gospel of Matthew lists the 12 apostles in the following order: Simon (whom Jesus later renamed "Peter"), Andrew, James (the son of Zeb'edee), John, Philip, Bartholomew, Thomas, Matthew, James (the son of Alphaeus), Thaddaeus, Simon and Judas Iscariot. The names appear in different orders in the


Jesus' 12 apostles, according to the books of Matthew and Luke in the Bible, were Peter, Andrew, James the son of Zebedee, John, Philip, Bartholomew, Thomas, Matthew, James the son of Alphaeus, Thaddaeus, Simon and Judas Iscariot. The twelve were among Jesus' closest followers, and spread Christiani


Some of the most common Hebrew names for males are Jacob, Michael, Ethan, Joshua and Daniel, while the most common female names include Isabella, Abigail, Hannah, Elizabeth and Sarah. Dating back to the Israelites, Hebrew names are some of the oldest in existence, yet remain popular in modern times.


St. John the Apostle was the most beloved of the 12 Apostles by Jesus and the only one who did not forsake him during the Passion. John became an Apostle in the first year of Christ's ministry. His brother was St. James the Great.


The meanings of Hebrew names are available from specialty and baby name websites such as BabyNames.net, Behind the Name and All Hebrew Names. There are thousands of Hebrew names, many of which can only be found on specialty Hebrew name websites.


Appearing over 6,000 times in the Tanakh, YHVH is the most common name of God in the Hebrew language. The Tetragrammaton is a combination of four Hebrew letters says Hebrew for Christians.


Biblical scholars believe that the 12 apostles symbolically represent the 12 tribes of Israel, signifying the renewal of the covenant between God and humans. The 12 apostles were the original students and missionaries of Jesus' teachings and formed the beginnings of the new Christian church.


According to Chabad, the names of the Hebrew (Jewish) months are: Nissan, Iyar, Sivan, Tammuz, Menachem Av, Elul, Tishrei, Marcheshvan, Kislev, Tevet, Shevat and Adar. Judaism 101 abbreviates "Menachem Av" as simply "Av," spells "Tishrei" without the "e" ("Tishri"), and shortens "Marcheshvan" to "Ch


Three of the apostles mentioned in the Bible are Peter, Andrew and James. There were 12 apostles named in the Bible. Essentially, an apostle is a disciple; the two words are interchangeable.