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Major Scales and Arpeggios ... 2. Title: 12 Major Scales Tuba Author: Lieto Nicholas Created Date: 1/23/2012 8:29:19 PM ...


The 12 major scales on tuba Bb, Eb, Ab, Db/C#, G, C, F among others.


Tuba Alabama All-State Scales and Arpeggios – All 12 Major Scales and Arpeggios, C minor Harmonic and A minor Melodic Scales, and Chromatic Scale as required for All-State Auditions – all instruments


b b c Concert Bb ˙ ˙ Bb C ˙ ˙ D Eb ˙ ˙ F G ˙ ˙ A Bb "Joy to the World" ˙ œ . œ j ˙ . œ ˙ ˙ w? b b b Concert Eb ˙ ˙ Eb F ˙ ˙ G Ab ˙ ˙ Bb C ˙ ˙ D Eb ˙ œ . œ j ˙ . œ


Print and download in PDF or MIDI Bb Tuba 12 major scales (Single Octave). Made by ninjamaniac27.


Tuba 12 Major Scales And Arpeggios Life. Tuba/bass Major Scales In One Octave Life. 12 Major Scales Chart Life. 12 Major Scales - Bass Clef Life. 12 Major Scales - Treble Clef Life. 12 Major Scales - Trombone/euphonium - West Orange High School Band Life. All 12 Major Scales Baritone T.c. Life.


View, download and print Tuba 12 Major Scales pdf template or form online. 17 Tuba Scale Sheets are collected for any of your needs.


DOWNLOAD FREE PDF HOW SCALES, KEYS, KEY SIGNATURES, +ARPEGGIOS WORK (Basic Theory) Instructional document Download HOW TO LEARN YOUR SCALES: Instructional document Download FINGERING CHART FOR BBb TUBA: Tuba exercises Download MAJOR SCALES – ONE OCTAVE: Tuba exercises Download Ab, Bb, C, Db, Eb, F, G scales


(THX FOR THE LIKES) For a playing test, at 120 speed. Wish me luck! :) the 5 required scales are: Bb, Eb, Ab, C, and F. I played 5 others in addition to these! GO CHS!


Tuba Major Scales Circle of Fourths (Flats) C Major (Concert C) F Major (Concert F) Bb Major (Concert Bb) Eb Major (Concert Eb) ... Tuba Major Scales Circle of Fifths (Sharps) C Major (Concert C) G Major (Concert G) D Major (Concert D) A Major (Concert A) E Major (Concert E) B Major (Concert B)