Examples of safe chat rooms for kids include, and These chat rooms are all strictly monitored for the safety of underage users. More » Technology Social Media

It is possible for an 11-year-old to legally babysit in many states. suggests that parents of a child this age should sign the child up for a Red Cross babysitting course and run through various scenarios t... More » Family Parenting Child Care

In the United States as of 2014, it is illegal for 11-year-old children to be employed. Federal law sets the minimum working age at 14 and outlines employer restrictions that apply to employees under age 16. More » Business & Finance Careers Career Aspirations
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Club Penguin and Marimba Chat are safe chat rooms for kids, according to Common Sense Media. These sites allow parents to monitor their children's chatting activity and control the amount of time spent online. More » Technology Social Media

Websites such as and provide safe online chat rooms for kids. These chat rooms are monitored by moderators to ensure that rules are followed. Both websites also offer free games and activities t... More » Technology Social Media

Some popular online dating chat rooms include Zobe Free Chat, Tinychat, Teenchat, Chatroulette, Justchat, Lycos Chat, Chat Avenue and Spinchat as of 2015. These chat rooms allow members to discover and meet people with s... More » Technology Social Media

The principal use of online chat rooms is to share text or graphic based information with other users in real time. A chat room can either be a dedicated website or part of a website that offers users a platform to freel... More » Technology Social Media