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The GTR that you are seeing is the manufacturers branding on the jewelry. 10K means that it is made out of 10 karat gold.


Best Answer: '10kp' would mean 10 karat gold plate (if it is '10kt' then it is 10 karat gold). GTR is most likely a manufacturers stamp as, generally, a ring only has the type of metal and the manufacturer stamped inside, nothing else.


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The GTR could stand for J.M. Fox, Inc. of Long Island City, NY. Sometimes the maker''s marks do not reflect the manufacturers company name. When you are dealing with "vintage" jewelry be sure to test the shank as well as the top of the ring with a gold tester or acids.


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10kp gtr 1 10oz american gold eagle coin ring. I have a ring without the eagle sign on it, is it a real 18k gold ring? What isws925 on a silver ring. is it gold? 925 6tr or gtr on ring. I have a gold ring the only marking inside is korea no karat markings just korea the ring is beautiful is it real gold or just a fake?


The letters KP stand for karat plumb. These letters indicate that the ring in question is guaranteed to contain gold that has a purity grading equal to or greater than the amount stamped, which is 10 karat in this case.


So, a ring marked 14K can contain just 13.5 carats of gold. Furthermore, even though the USA only allows jewellery to be sold as gold with a minimum of 10 carats purity, the 0.5 carat leeway still applies and 9.5 carat is the actual minimum. So, as a consumer you'd be better off purchasing a ring stamped 10KP than a ring stamped 10K.


A 10KP ruby and diamond ring. Metal Type: 10K gold Hallmarks: 10KP GTR Total Weight: 0.90 dwt Ring Size: 6.25 CENTER STONES Count and Type: 1 ruby Shape: oval-shaped Dimensions: 4.85mm x 3.10 mm x ...


To answer your question about the stamp, 10KP indicates that the piece is 10 karat plum gold (meaning it contains exactly 41.7% pure gold). You can read more about gold purity on our article here . The GTR portion of the stamp is a manufacturer’s mark indicating who made the ring.