In 2015, IRS Form 1099 must be filed with the Internal Revenue Service by March 2 if filing by mail, according to If filed electronically, 1099s are due by March 31. More » Business & Finance Taxes

You can check the deadline for filing a 1099 tax form and many other tax forms on the IRS website, reports the IRS. As of 2015, the filing deadline for the 1099 form is March 31. More » Business & Finance Taxes

The 1099 form, which is issued to any person that a business issues more than $600 in income payments to within a year, must be postmarked and mailed by January 31 of the following year. The standard form is known as the... More »

Although the deadline for filing IRS Form 1096 changes with each tax year, the deadline for filing the form for tax year 2015 is Feb. 29, 2016, according to the Internal Revenue Service. The IRS publishes the deadline fo... More »

Taxpayers contact the Internal Revenue Service via phone, mail or by walking into one of its local offices, notes the official government website, The IRS maintains an electronic mailbox for reports of identity ... More » Business & Finance Taxes

Individuals must file a request for a tax-filing extension by the April 15 regular tax deadline, according to the Internal Revenue Service. An automatic six-month extension can be obtained, giving taxpayers until Oct. 15... More » Business & Finance Taxes

Taxpayers who use printable IRS 1040EZ forms are those who have an income of less than $100,000, don’t claim any dependents, and file as single taxpayers or as married filing jointly, as of tax year 2014, explains TurboT... More » Business & Finance Taxes