You can check the deadline for filing a 1099 tax form and many other tax forms on the IRS website, reports the IRS. As of 2015, the filing deadline for the 1099 form is March 31. More » Business & Finance Taxes

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To print IRS tax forms, visit the official IRS website, locate the relevant form, download the PDF file and print it. Taxpayers can find forms for individuals and businesses on the Forms and Publications portion of the w... More » Business & Finance Taxes

The 1099 tax form is maintained online on the IRS government website alongside all other tax forms necessary for individuals, small businesses, charitable trusts and other entities that must interact with the tax system.... More » Business & Finance Taxes

Although the deadline for filing IRS Form 1096 changes with each tax year, the deadline for filing the form for tax year 2015 is Feb. 29, 2016, according to the Internal Revenue Service. The IRS publishes the deadline fo... More »

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