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Under the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, Section 1031 now applies only to exchanges of real property and not to exchanges of personal or intangible property. An exchange of real property held primarily for sale still does not qualify as a like-kind exchange.


1031 exchange rule gets a heavy change vide the recently passed law-The Tax Cuts & Goods Act. So, one of the major provision of law that was used by a taxpayer to save on capital gains tax requires fresh look and understanding. Fact is that heavy lobbying by various NGOs for preventing any change to ...


If a delayed 1031 Exchange begins in the latter portion of 2017, the exchange period may run into 2018. If the exchange fails or if the taxpayer (having a bona fide intent to do an exchange) receives cash boot in 2018, the 1031 regulations treat the exchange as an installment sale allowing the taxpayer to consider that the exchange proceeds were received (and are taxable) in 2018.


In this article you'll learn how to do a 1031 exchange with real estate in 2019. FAQs answered include: what is a 1031 exchange (aka starker exchange or like-kind exchange); when & how exchange, exchange types: simultaneous, delayed, reverse & construction, rules, benefits and success stories.


However, the tax law repeals 1031 exchanges for all other types of property that are not real property. This means 1031 exchanges of personal property, collectibles, aircraft, franchise rights, rental cars, trucks, heavy equipment and machinery, etc will no longer be permitted beginning in 2018.


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Section 1031 of the Internal Revenue Code has been around for many decades and taxpayers have been availing themselves of the benefits of the 1031 exchange for just as long. But with the recent tax law, many people want to know if 2018 is a good year to conduct a 1031 exchange. In this article, we’r


You can establish to the satisfaction of the IRS that neither the exchange nor the disposition had tax avoidance as one of its principal purposes. If this box is checked, attach an explanation. See instructions. For Paperwork Reduction Act Notice, see the instructions. Cat. No. 12311A. Form . 8824 (2018)


Starting in 2018, under the new law, tax-deferred exchanges under Section 1031 will be valid only for the buying and selling of real estate. The change is set forth in Sec. 13303 of the tax reform bill, which contains the following language:


In this article we are going to go over the 1031 exchange rules so that you can know how a 1031 exchange works and what the 1031 exchange process is. We will also go over a 1031 exchange example to show you the numbers behind why a 1031 exchange is such a great tax strategy.