Basic tips for starting a small business include creating a comprehensive business plan, defining the target customer in advance and testing the viability of the business idea before investing fully. Small business owner... More »

Some good small business opportunities include starting a box subscription service, offering specialized cleaning services and starting a food truck business. Creating apps for kids and offering recycling pick-up are som... More »

To start a small home-based business, determine the type of business desired, create a business plan and determine a target customer base, suggests ABC News. Determine pricing for services or products, find start-up mone... More »

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An example business plan for a car wash begins with an executive summary that states the name and intent of the company, followed by sections that outline the management team, the services available and the target custom... More »

Tips for writing a business plan for a taxi service include identifying the company's target demographic, developing the key selling points that distinguish it from its competition, and outlining a realistic financial st... More »

Tips for creating a business plan for a beauty salon include outlining a clear mission statement for the business that includes how it differs from other salons in the area, a clear definition of the target clientele and... More »

The first step to running a successful small business is to make sure you are passionate about your business idea. Next, select a good business location, keep track of your finances, and choose your employees wisely. Off... More »