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To create survey questions, identify the goal of the survey, and determine the type of questions you need to ask. Form the questions, and then arrange the questions logically. Make changes if needed.


Writing useful survey questions involves establishing goals for the survey and constructing the questions so they're simple and easy to answer. Survey questions should also be unbiased and as comprehensive as possible.


Basic questions for a marketing and sales survey may include demographic information about the person taking the survey, such as ethnicity, age or household income, as well as her familiarity with certain products. These surveys may also ask the taker how she feels about different brands or companie


Health surveys include questions such as "What is your age?," "On how many of the last 30 days did you smoke cigarettes?" and "Do you know what a vaccine does?" These are examples of demographic questions, questions about health-related behaviors, and questions to determine the respondent's knowledg


The Internet is a popular source of serious information, but it has also become a place to answer surveys and quizzes designed to make people laugh. The surveys available on the Internet feature funny questions about everything from personal quirks like, "Do you sleep with your sheets tucked inside


Some employee evaluation survey questions include asking what the employee needs to perform her job better and how she feels about her past work. Some manager evaluation questions include how employees feel about the manager, how the manager feels about her team and what the manager needs from the c


Stress survey questions revolve around events or incidents that may have occurred to produce or increase stress levels such as "Have you ever been fired from a job?" or "Have you lost a loved one recently?" Questions may also relate to relationships, family life, lifestyle habits or personal achieve


To familiarize yourself with surveying terms, study glossaries of surveying terms and commonly used surveyors' slang from resources such as DirectLineSoftware.com and LandSurveyorsUnited.com. ElliotSurveying.org is another resource that has information on the industry terms of surveying.


Common college surveys like the Princeton Review ask students questions like the name of their school; demographic information, such as race, sex and political views; and how happy they are with their school. On most surveys, answering questions is optional and the surveys are anonymous.


A sample survey question is, "Is smoking on campus an issue?" or "How satisfied are you with our customer service?" Survey questions need to be simple, unbiased and comprehensible in order for respondents to provide valuable, objective answers.