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Personality quizzes generally follow two different formats. The first format asks the test taker to rate themselves; the second format asks one to choose between different statements. These questions measure how one likes to work or their personal behavioral preferences...


A good way to study for a quiz that requires written answers to questions is to make a list of subjects that are likely to appear on the quiz and study each subject separately to better absorb the information, according to KidsHealth.org. Also, come up with mock questio...


Some online resources that offer questions and answers to quizzes are Math Worksheets 4 Kids and IXL. At the Math Worksheets 4 Kids site, there are many different math questions and answers to a variety of math topics, including decimals, points, polynomials, polygons, ...


A sample question from the Reading Counts quiz on the book "Kipper's Snowy Day" is, "Kipper ___ shaped like himself." Answer options for the blank include "built a snow fort," "made holes," "spotted a cloud" and "saw a tree."


General questions and answers for biology quizzes are available at EduZip.com, StackExchange.com and IndiaBix.com. Some general biology topics covered in these sites are DNA structure, pollination, osmosis, bones and hormones.


One website that offers Bible quizzes and answers is Quiz.ChristiansUnite.com. This website offers its quizzes organized by categories such as Bible Characters, Jesus of Nazareth, Numbers in the Bible, Women in the Bible and The Early Church.


Gender prediction quizzes are old wives tales that have no scientific basis and are not accurate but are fun to do, according to Family Education. The most popular quiz says that if a woman is carrying a baby high, the baby is a girl, and if she's carrying low, it's a b...