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The Silhouette CAMEO model allows users to make vinyl decals, scrapbook cut-outs, cut fabric and stencils. These type of cutting machines are popular with scrapbookers and crafters. The Silhouette site offers a page of inspirations for projects that can be completed with the company's machines.


The most effective way of determining whether your cameo is real or fake is to establish whether it is made of plastic, shell or hard stone. Experts at Jonathan's Diamond Buyer claim that a plastic cameo is not real, while cameos made of stone or shell are more likely to be real.


Outdoor Nativity Store, a retailer based in California with an extensive website, has a dedicated category for silhouette-style nativity scenes. Some are very basic and only include a few pieces, while others feature supplementary pieces, such as animals.


The Celebrity Silhouette features an occupant capacity of 2,886 individuals, a length of 1,047 feet and a beam distance of 121 feet. It features a spa, multiple restaurants, an art studio and on-board retailers selling Armani, Versace and John Hardy products.


Silhouette is an Austrian company that produces eyeglasses. This company has been in business since 1964, and its headquarters and main production site are in Linz, Austria.


As of May 2015, deck plans for the Celebrity Silhouette are on the Celebrity Cruises website. From the company's homepage, highlight the Plan a Cruise tab and click on Ships. On the next page, under Solstice Class, select Celebrity Silhouette.


You can buy Silhouettes plus size clothes through the online retailers Avenue and eBay. Avenue has a wide selection of Silhouettes clothing for sale, whereas eBay has mostly shirts and dresses.


A web search for "free silhouette clip art" produces thousands of appropriate image results. Google Images has advanced search options that allow users to find images that can be reused freely. Free silhouette clip art for reuse is available from OpenClipArt.org, Pixabay and Wikimedia Commons.


They say that to make it in Hollywood, it's all about who you know. This is made most apparent through the art of the movie cameo — a brief, often uncredited appearance from a famous person not already included in the main cast. From friends of the stars to culturally relevant (or irrelevant) celebr


To find the value of antique cameo jewelry, first determine if it is made of conch shell or resin. If it is made of conch, it is valuable, so check the design on the front to determine if it was made before or after the 1900s. Check the mount's metal for gold or silver marks. Research the value of a